5 Signs You Need Revision Eyelid Surgery

As a popular and highly customizable cosmetic repair option, eyelid surgery offers a second chance at youth. Many patients pursue this treatment to lift sagging eyelids, remove deep wrinkles, and reshape the skin around the eyes. This can result in a pleasing appearance that will inspire confidence and good health for many years. Below, we cover 5 signs you need revision eyelid surgery.

5 Signs You Need Revision Eyelid Surgery

Unfortunately, initial eyelid surgery procedures can sometimes go wrong. Whether you and your cosmetic surgeon were not a good match or you sustained an injury that hindered your healing, you might have ended up without the look you really wanted. That is where revision eyelid surgery comes in. CK Eyelid Plastic Surgery can help you correct old surgical mistakes and restructure your eyelids to finally receive the results you deserve. Below are 5 signs you need revision eyelid surgery right now.

Your Eye Shape Has Become Distorted

Aging plays a very interesting and unique role in our lives. For some, getting older means forming wrinkles and dealing with sagging skin. Since the skin that makes up the eyelids is very thin, it is immediately susceptible to these signs of old age. Drooping eyelids and wrinkling skin can completely change the anatomy of your face. The eye area is likely to see some of the most dramatic changes. Revisional surgery can restore your eyelids to their correct shape.

Your Eyes Became Asymmetrical

The aim of cosmetic surgery is always to bring harmony and beauty to your most important facial features. A big part of this is making sure your eyes look symmetrical by rounding out your eyelid shape. Your previous surgeon may not have met this goal when performing your initial blepharoplasty. Depending on the results of your lid lift, you might be even more asymmetrical than you originally were. Our revision eyelid surgery options are designed to give your face a pleasing balance.

Your Eyelids Have Started To Droop

Drooping eyelids are possibly the most common reason why patients pursue both eyelid surgery and revision eyelid surgery. Also known as ptosis, drooping lids can signal the rapid aging process. They usually do not pose any danger to your physical health. However, eyelids can droop so low that they obstruct your field of vision. This is when visiting your oculofacial plastic surgeon becomes urgent. The longer you go without proper treatment for your eyes and eyelids, the more your physical and mental health can suffer.

You Have Hollow Circles Under Your Eyes

A lot of patients prefer to treat both upper and lower eyelids at once using a combined blepharoplasty. This upper and lower lid lift can treat a variety of oncoming symptoms such as sagging skin, big wrinkles, and the accumulation of fat deposits under the lower lid. In an attempt to get rid of unwanted pockets of fat, your previous surgeon may have overcorrected by removing too much. The result gives you a “hollowed-out” look, which can contribute to sunken eyes and dark circles.

It is easy to correct issues like this with a personalized revision procedure. The surgeon will use some traditional eyelid surgery methods as well as some new techniques to bring fullness and youth back to your eyes.

You Have Trouble Blinking

Though this is a rare occurrence, it is still important to note that some blepharoplasty surgeons can remove too much skin during an upper lid lift. Many patients pursue upper eyelid surgery because they are battling with consistently drooping or wrinkling skin. One eyelid surgery method involves removing this excess skin, creating a tighter and less wrinkle-ridden look. However, it is possible for the surgeon to remove a little too much skin.

Patients who have gone through this report a lot of difficulty with blinking or even shutting their eyes all the way. This puts the eyes at risk for permanent damage. Not to mention, it makes the eyes feel dry and uncomfortable. This can be easily fixed by a restorative procedure, but it is important to address the issue right away.

Schedule Your Revision Eyelid Surgery Consultation Today

If your original eyelid surgery experience did not pan out with as much success as you had hoped, you have options available to you. Our revision eyelid surgery practices seek to capture your original vision in a reformative and refreshing way. Find out how we can erase past mistakes through an innovative and long-lasting surgical process when you contact our Columbus professionals. You can meet with us in a one-on-one consultation to fully assess the current state of your eyelids while we hear about your aesthetic goals. We can determine what kind of revision procedure will be most in alignment with your needs before we successfully execute your vision.

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