7 Causes of Under Eye Bags

Under-eye bags are a very common cosmetic issue that affects almost everyone at some point in their lives. Below we cover our top 7 causes of under eye bags.

7 Causes of Under Eye Bags

The product of any number of lifestyle or other factors, these obnoxious bags are not typically considered medically serious but have the potential to negatively impact elements of one’s life due to their impact on emotional and mental health.

If you’re currently suffering from chronic under-eye bags, or would just like to know about ways to avoid developing them, then the following information might be of some interest to you. This is also true if you’re ready to take the plunge into professional under-eye bag removal near you.

1. Problems With Sleeping

Perhaps the most common cause of under-eye bags is lack of quality sleep. This is because while you are asleep, fluids settle in the tissue beneath your eyes. When your body is deprived of the sleep that it needs, it causes those blood vessels to leak, which in turn creates dark circles.

Sticking to a consistent and dependable sleep schedule is perhaps the most useful step you can take to prevent the development of under-eye bags, as well as a number of other preventable health issues.

2. Alcohol and Tobacco Use

Overuse of both alcohol and Tobacco can tax the body’s systems and lead to the development of under-eye bags due to the levels of stress that they can apply to all of the body’s physical systems.

On top of the general levels of stress that they administer to the body, nicotine and alcohol have the potential to disrupt your natural sleep patterns due to the push-pull tug of war enacted by stimulants and depressant psychoactive effects.

Smoking can also contribute to the breaking down of collagen and other substances in the skin that can help it stay firm and supple throughout the years.

Alcohol can also negatively impact the longevity and general health of your skin due to its dehydrating properties, which can result in the presence of under-eye bags.

3. Aging

Although this may seem a bit obvious, another prime culprit in the development of under-eye bags is the natural aging process, which over time, dilutes and impacts the natural health of the skin.

In particular, the deposits of fat that naturally support and uplift the eye areas can collapse and sink as time transpires, which makes them appear swollen or sunken.

4. Allergies

Allergies, whether severe or mild, can negatively impact the skin around several areas body, including the areas under your eyes.

If you are suffering an allergic reaction, there is a possibility that you will develop under-eye bags or puffiness as a result of the reaction.

5. Overexposure To The Sun

Another thing that has the potential to cause you to develop under-eye bags is overexposure to the sun.

Excessive sun exposure can damage skin cells and the collagen reserves that keep the skin beneath your eyes firm.

6. Genetic Factors

Through no fault of your own, you may find that you are simply genetically predisposed to the development of under-eye bags.

If you have a close ancestor who has suffered from this issue chronically, then the unfortunate reality is that you may be predisposed to developing them as well.

7. Poor diet

Eating a diet that is overly infused with sodium, sugar, or unhealthy fats can also exacerbate your chances of developing under-eye bags.

In particular, the overconsumption of sodium can lead your body to attempt to retain moisture, which can contribute to a tired-looking appearance.

Nourishing your body with a well-balanced diet can ensure that you give it the tools to combat the factors that contribute to the development of under-eye bags.

Reasons To Treat and Prevent Under Eye Bags

Although under-eye bags are not medically dangerous, they can take their toll on your emotional and mental health in ways that ultimately can be very taxing.

If you wake up looking tired and haggard, then there can be subsequent impacts on your self-esteem and ability to function that can severely impact your ability to perform at your peak abilities in day-to-day life.

Addressing the roots of under-eye bags can also lead to other health benefits that come naturally from following a healthy lifestyle.

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