Top 5 Causes of Droopy Eyelids

Droopy eyelids can make you look tired and aged. The natural aging process and a number of unhealthy habits can accelerate facial aging. Droopy eyelids, also referred to as “ptosis,” can impact your facial aesthetic. Below you will find the top 5 causes of droopy eyelids and what treatment is available to address the issue.

Top 5 Causes of Droopy Eyelids

A number of factors can cause droopy eyelids. Some of the causes are within your control while others are not. Consider the top 5 causes of droopy eyelids and avoid any of the following habits that can lead to premature aging around your eyes.

Natural Aging:

The natural aging process can impact your skin in a number of ways. It can cause fine lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging. Droopy eyelids are common among older adults. As you age the important proteins that ensure your skin stays tight and smooth begin to decrease. In your late 20s to early 30s the production of collagen and elastin in your body slows down. This can result in skin laxity around your eyes.

Sun Exposure:

Sun exposure can negatively impact your skin. In fact, it can cause the skin around your eyes to sag more. The natural aging process, combined with sun exposure, can wreak havoc on your eye area. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can destroy your skin’s collagen and elastin. Avoid tanning beds and wear SPF 30 (or higher) daily. When you do go outdoors, reapply SPF often, wear protective clothing, and avoid the sun during peak hours during the middle of the day.

Weight Fluctuations:

Gaining and losing weight can cause your skin to stretch. Depending on your skin’s elasticity, it’s difficult for stretched-out skin to return to how it was prior to any weight gain. The sagging skin can be found all over your body, including your face and eye areas. Eyelid surgery in Columbus is often necessary to remove the skin once it has been stretched out.

Contact Lens Usage:

Research has shown that both hard and soft contact lenses can contribute to premature droopy eyelids. The repeated pulling of the levator muscle can easily stretch it out and cause eyelid sagging. Once the levator muscle is stretched, cosmetic intervention is necessary to address droopy eyelids.

Excessive Eye Rubbing:

Excessive eye rubbing can stretch out the muscles in your eye that keep your eyes looking lifted and tight. Many factors can cause itchy eyes, including allergies, beauty products, or irritants such as dust and smoke. Prioritize finding the root cause of your itchy eyes to ensure it doesn’t cause other issues, such as ptosis.

Ptosis Surgery Consultation

If you are unhappy with your droopy eyelids, consider cosmetic intervention. Ptosis surgery in Columbus is highly effective in addressing droopy eyelids and restoring your appearance. The first step in getting started is scheduling a consultation with a skilled surgeon.

The consultation is where you can share your expectations and the surgeon can determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Once you are determined to be a good candidate, it’s a smooth and fast outpatient procedure. The excess skin and fat from your upper eyelid are removed. In addition, the muscles around your upper eyelid are tightened to give you a more youthful and awake appearance.

Ptosis Surgery in Columbus

Dr. Courtney Kauh at CK Eyelid Plastic Surgery has helped countless patients improve their look with ptosis surgery. In fact, she is a leading expert in eyelid surgery as she is a board-certified ophthalmologist and trained oculoplastic surgeon. Contact Dr. Kauh and her team today to schedule your consultation!

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