How Old Do I Need to Be for Asian Blepharoplasty?

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Plastic surgery has always supported the harmonious blending of outer beauty and inner self-confidence. One of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the planet is known as blepharoplasty, which describes several different techniques to reshape and rejuvenate the eyelids. Upper eyelid lifts can prevent sagging and drooping, while lower lid lifts are designed to get … Read more

Common Causes of Under-Eye Swelling

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There are many factors in everyday life that can put extra amounts of stress, fatigue, and illness on your body. If you are feeling more tired than usual lately, the odds are that you look more tired, too. Under-eye swelling is one of the biggest signs that something is wrong, and you may want to … Read more

How Eyelid Surgery Makes You Look Younger

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Below, we cover how eyelid surgery makes you look younger. Eyelid surgery is a type of surgery that directs its efforts towards altering a patient’s eyelids in order to correct aesthetic or medical malfunctions present in this part of the face. How Eyelid Surgery Makes You Look Younger When performed correctly, an eyelid surgery can … Read more

How Men Can Benefit from Eyelid Surgery

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Many plastic surgery operations that are commonly well-known are typically thought of as being of benefit to women. However, there are several operations that are of great benefit to both men and women. Below we look at how men can benefit from eyelid surgery. How Men Can Benefit from Eyelid Surgery One example of such … Read more

Benefits of Combining Eyelid Surgeries

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Eyelid Surgery, or Blepharoplasty, is an operation that targets the skin surrounding the eyelids and oftentimes into the extended regions of the eye regions. Below we look at the top benefits of combining eyelid surgeries. Benefits of Combining Eyelid Surgeries There are two major types of blepharoplasty. One targets the upper eyelids, while the other … Read more

7 Causes of Under Eye Bags

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Under-eye bags are a very common cosmetic issue that affects almost everyone at some point in their lives. Below we cover our top 7 causes of under eye bags. 7 Causes of Under Eye Bags The product of any number of lifestyle or other factors, these obnoxious bags are not typically considered medically serious but … Read more

When To Remove a Bump on Your Eyelid?

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One thing that can be hard to determine without the assistance of a medical professional is whether to attempt to remove a benign lump or bump from your eyelids. Most of these types of bumps are not actually medically dangerous, but rather can be unattractive or unsightly. So, let’s see when to remove a bump … Read more

Can Droopy Eyelids Affect Your Vision?

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Can droopy eyelids affect your vision? Yes–and in more ways than you may first assume. Today, the team here at Columbus Eyelid discuss the most common causes of droopy eyelids, procedures to fix them, and why it’s worthwhile to expand your field of vision… no matter your age. Can Droopy Eyelids Affect Your Vision? With … Read more

The Growing Popularity of Double Eyelid Surgery

concept of growing popularity of double eyelid surgery

The way you feel about your appearance can impact your confidence. For many people, their eyes are the most common area of concern when it comes to their facial aesthetic. This is because your eyes are often the first feature people see when they look at you. Eyelid surgery has become a common procedure to … Read more

Guide to Eyelid Aesthetics

concept of guide to eyelid aesthetics

Your eyes are often the first thing people notice when they look at you. However, the natural aging process and harmful habits can impact the look of your eyes. Fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, skin sagging, drooping, and bags can make you look tired, unhappy, and older than you are. Some cosmetic procedures can improve … Read more

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